TVision is one of the most experienced providers of Microsoft Dynamics NAV solutions in the UK. But that’s not what we think sets us apart. Our team takes real pleasure in working with our clients to develop, implement and support the best possible ERP solution for
their needs. It’s this enthusiasm for our work which sees us keep our relationships with clients long after the initial implementation is complete.

While the specific needs of each customer are different, we see commonality in what triggered our clients’ decision to invest in Enterprise Resource Planning.

EFFICIENCY – they struggled to extract greater efficiency from existing resources. As their business was achieving greater scale, the expected efficiencies failed to materialise; a reliance solely on people to integrate processes restricted productivity and the potential
to streamline work, with a negative impact on the bottom line.

CONTROL – when they were small, they had full visibility of their end-to-end processes. As their business grew, they struggled to achieve the same level of visibility; they found it difficult to see which steps were weak and their agility was being hampered by a fear of breaking overstretched systems.

GROWTH – their ability to take on new clients and new lines of business was being restricted by systems and processes that could not cope with increasing transaction
volume and complexity. The business could no longer do what it needed to do; innovation, integration of all the functions across the company and new ways of working were being stifled by the lack of functionality and flexibility in their existing business applications.

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