Microsoft Dynamics end-to-end for Recruitment Agencies: A Unique Proposition?

Last week we announced the partnership of TVision with Cirrus Nova, providing a flexible Dynamics strategy for recruiters. Microsoft Dynamics Is an end-to-end Microsoft Dynamics solution for Recruitment Agencies a unique proposition (or USP!)? We think so. And furthermore, we believe that it represents by far the best solution for recruitment agencies, primarily in system capability, support and maintenance, future-proofing and the all-important, Return on Investment (ROI).

Dynamics CRM integrated to Dynamics NAV is not unique

That’s true. We’ve been doing it for years so the technology is well proven. We haven’t done it for the recruitment industry because to date there hasn’t been a version of Dynamics CRM that addresses the functional needs of recruiters.

End-to-end Recruitment Solutions are not unique

Also true, but suggest a good one. I mean really good; suitable of scaling from mid-sized to corporate agencies. That doesn’t somehow compromise functionality or technology in favour of integration. That’s not three acquired products cobbled together by a small technology company struggling to support and develop a single product let alone three. Things that look good on the surface are not always, take some of the timesheet portals available; posting in batch to the back end rather than real time is easier from a technical point of view but shows a lack of understanding of recruitment companies and even web users’ expectations of how they will interact with technology; if it’s not going to work I expect the system to tell me at point of entry, not two days later by email.

But at least the other “End-to-end” providers are a single company, surely that’s better?

For who? Recruiters know that specialism is the key to success. They rarely focus on more than two to three sectors unless they are very big (Hays, Manpower big, as in turnover counted in the billions), discrete teams / desks manage the needs of different industries and specialism within that industry. Recruiters would not expect their clients to go to the same agency for drivers or cleaners as finance or technology staff. Why would they expect one, relatively small company, to be able to meet the needs of front and back office?

Who manages the development path?

The core development of Microsoft Dynamics solutions is managed by Microsoft. Partners don’t worry about incorporating latest technology or general statutory requirements or system performance; Microsoft invests over $2 billion in Research and Development of the solutions, including the optimising connectivity between Microsoft products so Dynamics not only works with each other but also SharePoint, SQL, Office etc. The partners focus on the development of vertical solutions, successful implementation and excellent support. Compare this to the nearest competitor for an end to end Recruitment solution who turnover £10m; not much to manage the development and support of three products from the ground up.

Two IT Suppliers will just spend their time blaming each other

Hands up; that may well have been your experience in the past (not with TVision or Cirrus Nova!). Why should you trust us this time? If you are going to be that cynical then bear this in mind: there are over 100 other Microsoft Dynamics partners who would gladly support you if we don’t do a good job; we all know the cost of attaining a customer compared with retaining so this level of competition helps keep us focused. Less cynical, trust us, this is core strategy for TVision and Cirrus Nova, we know our products very well, the underlying technology so we can provide first level support from either end, we are determined to become a major supplier to the industry.

Sounds like good sense

Exactly the key to the proposition, it is sensible. Many IT projects fail because customers are blinded by flash features that they forget to check the capability of managing fundamental processes (see last week’s blog and more). I met with the Technology co-Chair for APSCo (the Association of Professional Staffing Companies, one of the larger advisory groups for the recruitment industry) a couple of years ago, “What’s exciting about your proposition?” was the key question. It works, it has a roadmap that covers the next decade and beyond and Microsoft commitment. I think he was disappointed with the answer, I think he wanted Clouds, mobility, portals and wild statements about how the systems would radically change the industry. We’re not going to radically change the recruitment industry; we are going to supply the tools that enable the recruitment agencies we work with to do that. A bold boast? Look at what we’ve achieved at Brookson as an example of the power of Microsoft partners working together.

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