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Lucy Da Silva, Marketing Campaigns Assistant

Lucy Da Silva – Marketing Campaigns Assistant

Lucy joined the marketing team late last year and instantly made an impact relating to the high quality written content that is produced and shared. Writing blogs and finding and sharing social media updates, she is a great addition to the team.

Name someone you admire, and why?

My sister. She is testament to the fact that it’s never too late to learn something new, change your career and follow a dream – all with two kids, a husband and dog in tow.

What’s a typical day like for you?

Up with the birds, I have a one year old and he’s definitely a paid up member of the early morning club. So it’s a bottle of milk for him and a coffee for me while watching CBeebies, then nursey drop off and to the office. Once here I catch-up with the team to discuss marketing plans and create new content for the website.

Do you have any skills or talents that most people don’t know about?

After A-Levels I trained as a make-up artist and assisted at the Royal Albert Hall and London Palladium.

If you clucy da silvaould be anywhere other than here, right this minute, where would you be?

Watching a band. I love live music.

Flashback to when you were 10 years old. What do you want to be when you grow up?

A midwife, but I don’t really have the constitution for blood (or the gruesome), so that dream ended once I realised it wasn’t just cuddling babies all day.

Finish this sentence. On Sunday mornings, you can usually find me…

Splashing around at our local Parents & Toddlers swim class.

How do you want people to remember you?

As a good person.

What do you think are the best skills that you bring to your job?

Writing and the love of good content.

Name three words that you describe you.

Loyal, friendly, compassionate.

How do you think your colleagues would describe you?

I’m still pretty new, but hopefully someone kind, approachable and always willing to lend a hand.

Name something surprising on your bucket list

I want to learn how to play the acoustic guitar.

Describe a personal goal that you want to accomplish in the next year?

Start running again. Pre baby I ran most days, so it would be good to get some me-time pounding the pavement.

What publications do you regularly read?

It used to be Vogue and Porter Magazine, but now it’s Parent & Baby. Not quite as glamorous by far.

What are you happiest doing, when you’re not working?

Spending time with my family. Whether that’s as a three or with parents and siblings. I have four nephews whom I adore.

What are some causes you care about?

Not sure if it’s a cause as such, but the NHS. I have a lot to be grateful for and it’s something massively taken for granted.

What do you do with friends in your spare time?

Eating, drinking or at a gig.

What would be your personal motto?

“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.” Dr Seuss always knows best.

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