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mike perks IT Consultant

Team bio – Mike Perks

Mike Perks – IT Consultant Mike is one of our Consultants who provides IT Consultancy and IT Implementation advice and recommendations, as well as IT Project Management and Business systems...

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lucy da silva Marketing Campiagns Assistant

Team bio – Lucy Da Silva

Lucy Da Silva – Marketing Campaigns Assistant Lucy joined the marketing team late last year and instantly made an impact relating to the high quality written content that is produced and shared....

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sarah hardwick Project Manager

Team bio – Sarah Hardwick

Sarah Hardwick – Project Manager Sarah joined TVision in September 2018 and was employed due to her excellent knowledge of Project Management. She brings a positive vibe to the team and is...

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Tiziana Giardina Business Development Executive

Team bio – Tiziana Giardina

Tiziana Giardina – Business Development Executive Tiziana (also known as Deetz) has a wealth of experience with the Microsoft ecosystem. She understands the technology space with many years...

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nicola bourne Support Team Manager

Team bio – Nicola Bourne

Nicola Bourne – Support Manager Nicola has worked at TVision for over 15 years and has a wealth of experience across the Consultancy and Support teams. Starting off in Consultancy she helped to...

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Alistair Clark Support Consultant

Team bio – Alistair Clark

Alistair Clark – Support Consultant Alistair joined TVision in June 2018 as a Support Team member. He is a welcome addition to our busy support desk and is already a hit with the customers and...

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brad cox Support Consultant

Team bio – Brad Cox

Brad Cox – Support Consultant Brad is one of the team based on the TVision support desk. When the phone rings he is able to quickly work out what a client needs and finds a way of helping to...

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graham knight Business Consultant

Team bio – Graham Knight

Graham Knight – Business Consultant Graham Knight has been our Business Coach for the past three years. He provides objective advice and support at our monthly management meetings, and is in...

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estefania llorente Senior Developer

Team bio – Estefania Llorente

Estefania Llorente – Senior Developer Stef is a Senior Developer at TVision, and has worked for the company for over 12 years. She has a broad experience of C/SIDE development on all areas of...

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charlotte-louise brown Finance Manager

Team bio – Charlotte-Louise Brown

Charlotte-Louise Brown – Finance Manager Charlotte-Louise Brown is the Finance Manager in the TVision and she ensures the smooth payments and budgeting for the business. Having been promoted...

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Call: 01483 751 888