Microsoft Dynamics NAV Financial Management and Accounting Software

Microsoft Dynamics NAV gives you all the core functionality you’d expect from your financial management and accounting software and transforms it into a powerful, intuitive tool that speeds up your reporting, opens up new levels of detail and enables quick, informed decision-making.

Accountants, financial analysts and budget holders can be given different levels of access to extract core financial management and business data from the overarching balance sheet, project and departmental budgets, cash flow accounts and cost centres. With an intuitive interface, they can then create regular or one-off reports that enable them to keep their projects and your business running profitably.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV’s flexible reporting functionality enables you to select what areas you want to monitor, specify the order of the accounts, and combine datasets in an almost endless number of ways to gain the insights you need, whenever you need them. Plus, you can make quick calculations and historic comparisons on the fly for instant answers to specific finance questions.

Core finance reporting features of Dynamics NAV include:

General Ledger

MS Dynamics NAV Finance & Accounting

Cash Management

Asset Tracking

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